We are a software platform that helps small businesses measure and reduce their impact on the climate. We believe that in order to stop the climate crisis, we need to enable every business to do their part. Our product helps reduce barriers for companies by making easy-to-use tools and providing access to affordable expertise to help them transition to their low-carbon future.

We are the operating system for decarbonization.

  • Board game/Card Game night

  • Be an early hire - Build the culture you want to work in

  • Additional Group health insurance

  • Equity/Salary - Choose your own compensation scheme

  • Servicehounds - paid volunteer days

  • HSA Account - get benefits you actually use

  • Hannah Reid

    Founding Product Designer, Meme Queen

    “ This team puts such an emphasis on creating an environment that is safe for collaboration to actually thrive. The ownership you have over your work is just unmatched. ”

  • Laura Naccarato

    Founding Senior Front-End Developer, Giphy Connoisseur

    “ It's so rare to have the chance to have complete control over the direction of the work you do. We all work together to collaborate and build something we are all excited about. ”